Help us trend #DONTMIX!

NCPIE (National Council of Patient Information & Education) and Healthline, the leader of digital consumer health engagement, have partnered to launch #DONTMIX, a social awareness: Think before you drink: sometimes, alcohol and medicines don't mix.

Like cliffs & selfies don’t mix, neither should alcohol and meds. Education first starts with engagement. With Healthline’s help, we will provide that #DONTMIX connection through relevant, comparative, witty, poignant, funny and educational posts via NCPIE’s social media channels. We’ll be engaging a universal audience to make #DONTMIX trend.


Join us in helping trend via your organization’s social networks (Facebook & Twitter) during October.  Please Visit, "Like," and Share the #DONTMIX Facebook Page and NCPIE's Facebook Page or Twitter @TweetNCPIE  and Repost, etc.

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