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BeMedWise Ask Me How! Button

Be MedWise - Ask Me How! Button -- a tool for pharmacists and health educators encouraging consumers to ask questions about taking OTC medicines.

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Pack of 10, $7.50.

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Use Over-the-Counter Medicines Wisely


Use Over-the-Counter Medicines Wisely. The latest brochure from NCPIE
with expert tips on how to take OTC medicines correctly by learning how to read
the product label and how to recognize the active ingredients in each medicine.

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English Version
Pack of 100, $20.

Spanish Version
Pack of 100, $20.

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The Be Medwise Prescription For Taking Over-The-Counter Medicines with Care


The Be MedWise Prescription for Taking OTC Medicines With Care. Signed and endorsed by US Surgeon General, Dr. Richard Carmona, this reproducible
is designed like a doctors prescription and contains the most important questions
to ask a pharmacist or healthcare provider when taking OTC medicines.

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Getting The Most From Your Medicines:
Managing Side Effects


"Managing Side Effects" Hot off the press! Developed with the expertise of Dorothy Smith, Pharm.D., Consumer Health Information Corp., who chairs NCPIE’s Business Advisory Council, “Managing Side Effects” is available with your organization’s logo imprinted on the back. (Please call NCPIE for dedicated print run pricing details.)

Pack of 100, $15.

Item #B-21

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Alcohol and Medicine:
Ask Before You Mix


Alcohol and Medicines: Ask Before You Mix is NCPIE’s updated brochure produced with input from clinical experts. This features an easy-to-read chart listing common interactions of both prescription and over-the-counter medicines with alcohol.

Pack of 100, $10.

Item #B-20

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