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Wed., Mar. 1, 2017 7:30am EST ·

Tackling Diabetes’ Devastating Toll on Minorities

NCPIE serves as co-editor for a monthly column in Pharmacy Today (American Pharmacists Association) The column is entitled “One-to-One” and is intended to help develop pharmacists’ medication communication and counseling skills to promote safe and appropriate medicine use.

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Thu., Mar. 2, 2017 7:15am EST ·

Consumers’ Knowledge of Acetaminophen Safe Use at All-time High

A growing number of Americans know how to safely use medicines containing the most common drug ingredient in the U.S. A nationwide survey released today shows a positive trend over the past six years: more people than ever are aware of how to use products containing acetaminophen safely and effectively, while avoiding the risks of accidental overdose and liver damage. Findings include: more consumers agree it is “important not to exceed the dosing directions on the label” of pain relievers (increased to 96 percent in 2016 from 90 percent in 2010), and more