2008: Are You Medicine Smart™

Welcome to the National Council on Patient Information and Education's 23rd annual observance of “Talk About Prescriptions” Month (TAP Month). These on-line and downloadable planning materials enable site visitors to plan, organize, and conduct TAP activities in your local community through-out the year not just during the 31 days of October.

Consumers and caregivers are encouraged to download all of these complimentary resources and share them with family members and loved ones.

Here's What’s on TAP for NCPIE’s 23rd Annual “Talk About Prescriptions” Month…

Our Theme

This year's "Talk About Prescriptions" theme — “Are You Medicine Smart™?”— poses a simple question with profound implications for good health. Using this question as a framework for action, this year's "Talk About Prescriptions" Month messages and educational materials all focus on steps every consumer can take in order to answer this question with a resounding "Yes."

For example, being “Medicine Smart™” means getting all the information necessary to use your medicine correctly. That means asking questions and sharing important information about past medicine use to better ensure that you get the most benefit from your treatment. If you’re not sure what questions to ask about your medicine - see 10 Important Questions to Help You Be Medicine Smart™.”

Being “Medicine Smart™” also means knowing several key facts about the medicines you are currently taking — and being able to share that information with the members of your healthcare team with each visit. That means keeping track of the names of the medicine(s) you are taking, how much you take, when and how you take it, why you take it, and when you started taking it (for how long), for example.

That’s a lot to remember.

On-line and downloadable medicine lists and other resource materials to support safe and appropriate medicine use all year round are provided here. NCPIE encourages consumers to participate actively with their healthcare providers in all aspects of healthcare decision-making. When medicines are part of the treatment, that means being the key member of what NCPIE calls the Medicine Education Team by taking the time to become "Medicine Smart."


What’s New for TAP Month 2008

Here’s What Makes YOU “Medicine Smart™” Downloadable one page list of 9 important things you can do to be "Medicine Smart."

10 Important Questions to Help You Be "Medicine Smart™" Downloadable one page list of 10 important questions to help get information about your medicine.

"Medicine Smart™" 3 Mini-Posters
These 3 free downloadable 8 ½ x 11" posters have multiple uses, including: display in high traffic areas like worksites, libraries, and meeting rooms. So print them out, save them to your computer and e-mail them to family and friends to encourage them to get a Medicine List. Place in your organizational newsletters and magazines to alert readers about how they too can be "Medicine Smart™."


Make Notes & Take Notes Before, During, and After My Doctor's Visit

Get the Answers Wallet Card (English and Spanish)

Be MedWise: Use Over-the-Counter Medicines Wisely (English and Spanish)

Additional NCPIE Educational Resources


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