2012: Voices Together

Our Theme

This October marks NCPIE’s 27th annual “Talk About Prescriptions Month” (TAP Month). This year, our theme for “TAP” Month is "Voices Together.” Our theme this year signifies the impact that many - rather than one - can have on promoting safe and appropriate medicine use through better medicine communication. Voices Together is also a perfect description of the patient-centered Medicine Education Team—espoused by NCPIE to reflect the critical importance of high-quality patient—healthcare provider communication whenever medications are part of the treatment regimen.

And finally, Voices Together defines NCPIE’s impactful 30-year history as multi-stakeholder coalition exclusively dedicated stimulating and improving medicine communication to achieve better health outcomes. A timeline of NCPIE achievements over the past three decades is coming soon.

Lend Your Voice

It took lots of voices working together to develop the following inventory of educational resources. In many instances, NCPIE was the catalyst and convener—bringing together project advisory teams to lend their expertise to the developmental process. In other instances, NCPIE was "at the table," representing its nearly 100 members’ interests—providing input into the building process or implementation and promotional outreach planning. The end result is that there is a rich inventory of educational resources available for "Talking About Prescriptions" in October—and beyond.

Your organization is invited to lend your voice to the national dialogue to promote safe and appropriate medicine use. Select from the resources below that work for the TAP event/program in your community such as: senior center, college campus, high school, pharmacy hospital, health fair, pharmacy brown bag, etc. If you run out of ideas “TAP” into NCPIE Previous TAP observances.

Collaboration and Getting the Message Out

Voices Together: Acetaminophen Safe Use

Voices Together: NSAID Safety

Voices Together: Better Medication Adherence

Voices Together: Preventing Prescription Medicine Abuse

What’s New for “TAP” Month 2012

Voices Together: Recovery Opens Doors for Young People

RECOVERY OPENS DOORS is an online multi-media resource for young people in recovery. It is a real-life “RecoveryPad,” to help young people in recovery talk to their friends, other students, individuals, and groups in the community about prevention, treatment, referral for mental and/or substance use disorders and recovery. The RecoveryPad makes it easier for them to tell their stories, arms them with facts and statistics, provides materials they can incorporate into activities, helps them plan strategies, and provides additional, real-life stories of hope to inspire others. College administrators, project managers, healthcare providers, educators, counselors, community leaders, and others will also find the materials useful.

Recovery Opens Doors, organized behind six doorways, provides unique and innovative perspectives:

Door 1: Learn the Facts
Door 2: Find your Voice
Door 3: Speak for Change
Door 4: Pass it On
Door 5: Tools you Can Use
Door 6: Get Help

Recovery Opens Doors’ content—from the titles of each door, to the methods in which the facts, images, and activities are presented—reflect the ways in which young people communicate with each other. The images move fast, and there are ample opportunities for users to:

  • Click and create personalized strategies.
  • View vignettes of young people in recovery—incorporating these vignettes into discussions with the help of an online discussion guide.
  • Tap into the seven video User’s Guides which introduce the elements of what is behind each door. The narrators—young adults in recovery—walk through the RecoveryPad’s content, introducing key elements that will help individuals to better utilize the site’s content.

    Recovery Opens Doors was developed with extensive input from Young People in Recovery—young people united at all levels to empower others to find and sustain recovery. Recovery Opens Doors also features a Mobile site.

Recovery Opens Doors was produced by the National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE) pursuant to Task Order HHSP233201100286P, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

“Talk About Prescriptions” Month Tool Bag—from APPS to WIDGETS, and More!

MyMedList (MML) - Available on iTunes; an application developed at the National Library of Medicine. MML allows users to mange their medication list, and control access to it. The personal medication list can be printed out to share, can mailed to a relative, can serve as a reminder to the individual for taking medications, or be shown as reference information in doctor’s offices or hospitals.

Finding your Voice: Fact You can Use

Visit NCPIE’s Latest News Here’s an example of what you will find:

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